[Phencode-announce] database update

Belinda M. Giardine giardine at bx.psu.edu
Wed Jul 30 11:39:03 EDT 2008

The LSDBs LMDp and IARC TP53 have been updated, with the number of 
variants from LMDp doubling.  The Swiss-Prot variants have also been 
updated.  There have been several new LSDBs added, which are

dbRIP - A database of retrotransposon insertion polymorphisms in humans 
Fanconi - Fanconi Anemia Mutation Database
MMR - Mismatch Repair Genes Variant Database
RPGR - RPGR Database

Also 2 new pages have been added to PhenCode; a page of links to the LSDBs 
in PhenCode, and a page listing the references to cite for the LSDBs.


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